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Sherwood Forest Faire 2016

Weekends February 13-April 3 & Friday March 18 2016


King Williams Fair 2016

Saturday, April 23rd


Blanco Lavender Festival 2016

June 10-12, 2016



My name is Mark Medford; I started building birdhouses full time in 1998.  Although it has been a lot of fun, it has also been a lot of work to come up with my own personal designs.  I spend at least ten hours a day in my studio creating my artwork.  Sometimes I wake up at two in morning with a picture in my mind and go to my shop to begin working on that one idea.  I design and create all the houses and Eva, my wife, beads the wire coils for the birdhouses.  Everybody pitches in. I would like to say this is a family business.  Everybody in my family is somehow involved in this business.  Maybe not in the creative part of it, but without my wife and two sons, I probably wouldn't do this.  My greatest thing about "inspiration" is how far I can take it and how wild can I make it.  That's been my main goal every day…how can I make somebody walk up and say, "Wow!  That is cool”.

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